Weekend Quick Picks : Edition 2

. Saturday, May 24, 2008
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A week ago I decided to add a "weekend quick picks" weekly carnival, to showcase those articles and posts that other bloggers have been writing. Mostly from the "make money online" niche as well as the "blog about blogging" niche. The interest in this has been quite strong and after a successful first edition of the weekend quick picks, this weeks edition proves to be an even larger list of well written articles and posts.

Most of these articles were submitted to me,and some I came across by chance, and as such, I thought I would share them. If you have any articles that fit the "Make Money" or "Blogs about Blogging" niche, be it tips, suggestions, lists, or general advice on SEO or internet marketing, feel free to submit it and I'll more than likely showcase it.

With that said the following articles have been submitted To Blog Me The Money to be showcased.

Second Edition (contains 17 submissions)

Want to find out how Marcus Hochstadt makes thousands of dollars online by simply using his knowledge? Marcus Hochstadt presents I Made $13,692.59 In Profits Last Month, So What? posted at Internet Business Guide.

John Lenaghan presents What Did You Do For Money When You Were 12? posted at Internet Marketing Chaos.

John Crickett presents Top 100 Internet Business Blogs | Business Opportunities And Ideas posted at Business Opportunities And Ideas.

Sean Reynolds presents his blog, Creativity posted at Creativity. (Not A specific Article but he did submit his blog to be included)

Ravi presents A good way to make money from your blog posted at Ravi's Blog.

Brian Terry presents Become A Genius Website Designer posted at Big Selling Website Design.

James Lee presents 9 Copywriting and Marketing “Aha’s”! posted at Online Business Freedom.

Tim Gary presents Your Mental Nooks and Crannies Hold the Keys to Success posted at Internet Success Bites.

Fred Black presents How to Improve Your Chances of Success by an Infinite Amount posted at Fred Black: Internet Business Blog..

Ravi presents Blogging for the money posted at Ravi's Blog.

Skyler Reep presents Buy Domains posted at Skyler Reep's Blog. Skyler also says, " I can think of no cheaper, more easily accessible asset for the small-time investor/entrepreneur to gather up."

yusep presents 10 Tips Make Money Online With Adsense posted at Make Money Online Using Blog.
yusep also describes his blog as one that is about "Free Resources How to Make Money Online, Blog for Making Money Online, Make Money Online Business, Good Mental to Make Money Online,Tips and Tricks."

Amanda says that "if your blog isn't reader friendly, they won't stick around - and they won't come back". Want to know other reasons as well that may drive away your visitors?
Amanda Moore presents 6 Things That Will Make Me Leave Your Blog posted at VagabondetteVA.

Stock Tips offers information on " Some investment mistakes that you need to avoid to make a lot of money."
Stock Tips presents Investment Mistakes To Avoid » Free Stock Market Investing Tips posted at Free Stock Tips.

Karthigeyen presents Wordpress Affiliate Marketing(WAM)-The Next Gen posted at My online Street.

The Stock Investor discusses and says, " Figure out if mutual funds are the right thing for you to invest in." Stock Investor presents Are Mutual Funds For You? posted at Stock Investment Resource.

Riggie Freyer presents Online List Building Tools to Build Your List posted at Internet Business.

And that concludes the submissions for this past week! A lot of reading to take in but some very entertaining, informational and inspiring reading at that. I hope you take the time to visit these various bloggers and do find some value from visiting their blogs. Feel free to subscribe to my feed so that you do not miss the next edition of the Weekend Quick Picks. And feel free to comment here about these articles or leave some comments on their sites as well. Have a great start to your week!


Malathy said...

This is a brilliant to ask others in the same niche to submit articles.
I blogged on this. You can read it here.


BlogMeTheMoney said...

Hi Malathy
Thanks for the review on your blog. Very appreciated and feel free to submit any articles you have about making money or blogging for my next installment. :)

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